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A4 engine trouble and S4

Well, the car is at the dealer.  Thanks to those with suggestions.  I'll let
you know what happens.

As far as the S4, well, my name is now on the waiting list for one.  Mike at
Heishman's in Arlington said that in all likelyhood, they will be here in
October/November as a 1999 model.  Price is, he expecrs, to undercut the M3,
"just to do it" he said.  $$$?  Should be anywhere from $39k base to $44-46k
loaded out.  A loaded M3 apparently goes somewhere near $47, so expect the
S4 to be closer to $45k.  Engine?  2.7 liter twin turbo, puting 265 some-odd
hp to the ground.

Well, now is the time to stop eating food besides bread and save!
Jon Linkov
'96 A4q