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Re: Reliability of the 90

Hey! Got the 90Q folks' attention, I hope.  Anyhow, my '90 90Q20V
is pretty reliable, but how many know the power assist failure
mode I described a few days ago [and thanks to the couple of
q-listers that did offer a suggestion]:

1.  Brake power assist fades after about 1-2 seconds.  Warning
light does not come on.

2.  Steering whines and groans, now all the time, previously just
after a high rev blast.

Dan S. suggested a 'flush' of the system.  Are there instructions
for this somewhere?

Steve in Calgary

Also:  the most likely reason the original lister thought 90Q's
so reliable, on the basis of not seeing many posts, compared
to 5k's, is that there's so darn few of these beasts around.
Audi was still a pretty bad word in 89-90.  Its a friggen
excellent car!