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Re: And the mustang wins!

OK.....Ben....I'll just send you every E-mail.....and you can tell me if
appropriate....you're the expert.....you made this list....you own

Sooo...is that what you do with everyone you disagree with???

You know from your attitude, I could swear you drive a Volvo 240 Wagon

Ben Howell wrote:

> > It seems to me that A) You're looking to flame, or B) You just
> missed the
> > original point/counterpoint.
>  Actually, it's the "B" answer. My e-mail program sends e-mail before
> it
> recvies it, so by the time that message was already sent off, I was
> recving
> his post about it just being "for arguments sake". None the less, the
> Qlist
> is not really the best place to be using Mustangs for "arguments
> sake".
> > The original claim was that a mildly tweaked Audi will out-run a
> Mustang.
> > POINT:  The Audi is not a drag car, and never will be.  If you made
> an
> Audi
> > into a drag car, it would lose all of the beloved features that make
> it
> an
> > Audi (great daily drivability being the top feature).  In the drag
> arena,
> a
> > Mustang/Camaro/Firebird/Vette will rule.  Brute force wins, and a
> 2.3L
> > turbo just doesn't cut it against 5+ liters with gigantic
> aftermarket
> > potential (swap in better engines, bolt on superchargers, etc).  A
> daily
> > driver 300HP car is small pototoes in the muscle-car world.
>  That point is pretty repetitive. I don;t think that anyone would
> ever/has
> ever claimed that they have a great Audi drag car. Like you said, why
> would
> you want one?
> MY point is that the list is NOT a place to be saying "It get tiring
> to
> hear all you quattroholics keep bad mouthing Mustangs". Well, lets
> review:
> we are, after all quattroholics, so it would be my guess that the vast
> majority of us are pretty devoted to the marque (I know that I am a
> fanatic!). So it would stand to reason that we are going to give other
> marques a little ribbing.  This is in fact a "Quattro list" that is
> available for the discussion of Audi/quattro and related topics (check
> the
> message that you were sent when you subscri*ed). So some people on the
> list
> decided to bad mouth a Mustang! BIG DEAL! That's a lot more civilized
> thana
> ford/chevy discussion at your local trailer park (look up: rumble).
>   If someone doesn't like it, then go to the Ford list (wherevere
> itmay be)
> and poke fun at Audis. I know that I'm not going to lose any sleep
> over it.
> Laters, Ben
> >
> >
> > - Josh Pinkert
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