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FS: 96 911 C4S

Hey folks,
       Well I said I would mention it to the Q-list when I saw interesting
used cars come along, and well... here's one that is definately
interesting!  We have a customer who routinely trades up his Porsches every
couple of years. We sold his white 96 Carrera a couple of days ago, and now
he wants us to sell his Black 96 Carrera 4S, 6spd(?).  It has 18K miles on
it and is as pristine as can be. Asking price is 68,200. 
        He's going to replace the 4S with a 98 996 (with Tip). And yes, I
did get to drive the 4S. Ok, only about 35 feet (into the gargage bay) but
        I really don't much else about 911's but I understand the C4S is
somewhat of a rare 911. If anybody is interested, drop me a line! 

Osman "Always on the lookout for Q-listers" Parvez
89 200q TAP chip mod
170 K
Albany, NY