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Re: New meat

> Went to the local Audi dealer for a part today, saw some nice cars,
> had fun with a real spiffy salesman.
> Right now he is calling around looking for an S4 wagon that I told him
> I would buy if he found:)  His quote "yeah, those are really nice
> cars...we get them in every now and again...."  Happy hunting, my
> friend.
> Bruce 

          You just typified the average jerk who comes into my dealership
and wastes my time.  I could turn this into a full ten page essay on the
various ways people insult me at work every day, but I'll pass. Just think
next time you treat the salesperson anything less than professionally. He
may be doing just what he says he is doing. When I tell somebody that I'll
actually search for a vehicle, I do it. When I give a customer a price,
even when I know they are shopping, it's never a low-ball offer... even on
the phone. It's a real price. When I have a lease signing, I explain the
options carefully and the terms as best as I can. I TELL them to do their
homework on leasing because it's not always the best option. 
           Does this honesty and professionalism pay off? It doesn't seem
to because the customers seem to feel that the salesperson is a lowlife and
abusing them carries with it no guilt. Hey it's their job to deal with
dishonest customers like you, right? Like the guy whom I sold a Jetta
tonight. He comes in with numbers from another dealer and asks me to do
better. My lunch goes uneaten for over two hours as I find a way to beat
another local dealer in a lease. We finally manage to get him only $2
higher per month than he'd like to be (by appraising his trade $300 higher
than the competitor) and cutting out profit margin tremendously. He agrees
that this is a good price and that he will buy the car. One problem... he's
left his title (!!!) for the trade at the other dealership. I would have
liked to kick his idiotic teeth in at this point for not disclosing this
information to me. I could have been dealing with real customers... I could
have sold that 911 C4s outside, but no.. here I am with a someone who
thinks nothing of commiting to TWO deals at the same time, nickel and
diming me to death for two hours. 
           Oh, by the way.. since we have techs who have been on the job
for 18+ years.. and a very customer service oriented philosophy in our
service department, we tend to know well before hand when a customer is
getting ready to turn in their cars. Therefore, it's a very strong
possiblitity that I could find you a S6 wagon owner who is considering
selling their car. I'm glad you think nothing of commiting to purchasing
such a car from the "new meat" at your local dealership. They must *love*
you there. 

Osman Parvez
Albany, NY
89 200q, TAP Chip, 170K

P.S.  Sorry to the rest of the list. I'm just starting to get a bit annoyed
with unnecessary salesman/dealer bashing lately. In certain cases (and
situations) a little venting is justified. In others, it is clearly
sadistic. Think of how you'd like to be treated and act out accordingly