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Why cars attack!

At 07:15 AM 2/13/98 -0500, glen powell wrote:
>I was very surprised that there
>were no Audis in this show, I was psyched to watch it
knowing that
>Audis would likely be the stars of the show. What a
>No Audis at all.
>Is this because Audis don't use hydrosolators?

I caught parts of Why Cars Attack! when the Olys ran an
advertisement or switched to men's figure skating. Having
read other items that you (GP) have written, I'm 99% sure
your tounge is firmly in your cheek.  On the other hand,
given that other 1%, I just wanted to let you know that I
have an antique, view, bridge for sale. It's extremely
rugged and very well designed (it has, in fact, won numerous
design awards). Wait -- there's more.  It has a beautiful
360 degree view that includes Manhattan AND Brooklyn. And
that's not all -- it uses at least a dozen over-sized
hydrosolators to isolate and protect it from the water and
the weather. To take advantage of this amazing, once in a
life time deal, please contact me before 5pm PDT. Now back
to your regularly scheduled Audi station......   GregJ