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4kq questions

Two of them:

I had a scare with my electrical system the other day: the voltage meter 
stayed below 12 volts at startup, and drop over 10 minutes of driving to 
where my radio started freaking out (voltage too low). This problem 
magically went away when the voltage jumped back to normal, and ewverything 
started to work fine. Ideas? Also, during this I thought a battery light 
would be on on the dash. Do 4kcsq's have such a light, or is it disabled 
due to the voltage meter? I've taken the dash apart and there's a bulb 
Also, noone wants to buy the leather interior out of my 86, so I thought 
they'd may nice chairs for my computer room. Has anyone BTDT? Know of any 
kits or have any ideas on how to do this???

87 4kcsq going on what it's got 'till it's warm enough to fix...
86 4kcsq parting out until spring then it's getting dumped in the river...