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'93 90csq 100/55 H4 bulb questions

Hi all!  I would like to put 100/55 H4 bulbs in the '93 90csq and
appreciate any input on whether or not I need a relay.  I believe I hear
a high beam relay under the dash when I pull on the HBs, but not having
a schematic, I'm not sure what its capacity would be.  The car is
currently bulbed with units identified as "HB2 DOT 9003 L"  which I
assume are equivalent to  60/55 H4s.  Anybody BTDT ?  Also, do the true
Euro versions of these lights have the provisions to accommodate the
electric remote aiming system such as the one on my 200q true Euros?
Kent Crossley, Portland,Or.
'91 200q (mine)
'93 90CSq (hers)