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Cleveland OH Audis for sale

86 5ks, 79k miles,excellent condition, $2,900/best offer. Private

94 100CS Quattro Wagon, pearl white with graphite leather, 40k miles.
No price listed. Dealer name: Tom Vail Jr.'s  World Cars Inc., 3957
Mayfield Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Phone (216)291-9000..Note:area code
216 may have changed recently to 440 and is causing some confusion locally.
Try 216 first.

These ads are from The Cleveland Plain dealer classified section.Usual
disclaimer. I haven't seen the cars and have no personal knowledge of them.
Glad to assist interested listers in any way possible. I am 60 miles from
this large metro area, and usually visit once a week for personal
business.Doyt Echelberger, 86 4kcsq, 87 5kcstq