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Re: Falling in Love Again

To:   quattro
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 15:25:21 -0500
From: Jim Griffin <JGriff@pobox.com>

>Yesterday, I brought my 100S into the dealer (on Friday the 13th no
>less!! Boy, was I tempting the Audi gods or what?) to have the airbag
>recall done and have a set of Eibach springs installed. Needless to say,
>the latter is where the excitement comes from...

Dealer recall work comment: What a bunch of boobs. The left my underhood
fuse box open, the hood unlatched, and blew the bulb behind the ashtray. At
least they didn't scratch up the paint like Craig's car.
>Putting in these Eibachs made a HUGE difference... in ride, handling,
>and looks. It is AWESOME!! The car does not ride rough (except over
>really bad, sharp bumps), and actually, I think they improved the ride
>overall to the degree that the Bilsteins are now able to perform the way
>they should (i.e. the OEM springs were too soft and too high for the
>Bilsteins). There is practically no body lean... and it feels incredibly
>stable, especially at very high speeds. This car is now set for the

Oooooo, can I sign up for another drive when you're in the area?
>And the car no longer looks like it is on its "tippy-toes". I've gotten
>more glances, stares, and comments from folks within the past 24 hours
>than I think I've ever gotten in a week!! It looks really sharp...

Too many jokes come to mind here. I abstain.

>FWIW, for those wondering, my mechanic measured it after we did it, and
>the car sits 26.5 inches to the fender lip up front, and 25.0 inches in
>the rear. Sorry.. I don't know the OEM ride height (anyone care to
>measure their 92+ 100S FWD for me... Sean, Craig?)... I thought of it on
>the drive up... to only remember it again after we had the first spring
>in up front... :-(

I don't bring my car to work anymore, but I will measure it when I get
home; I've read the subsequent posts and I find this interesting to say the
least. Just a reminder, I'm running the OEM springs and shocks, though with
205/60/15 Comp T/A's (OEM is 195/65/15).
>Anyway, thanks for listening to me rant and rave. I guess I really need
>a girlfriend, eh? :-)

Uhhhhhh.... very possibly.... ;-)
Sean Ford           '92 Audi 100CS 5-spd 34k mi
Sean_Ford@idx.com        '98 Honda CR-V auto 0k mi
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