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Re: '93 90csq 100/55 H4 bulb questions

four.rings@MCIONE.com wrote:
> crossley family wrote:
> >
> > Hi all!  I would like to put 100/55 H4 bulbs in the '93 90csq and
> > appreciate any input on whether or not I need a relay.  I believe I hear
> > a high beam relay under the dash when I pull on the HBs, but not having
> > a schematic, I'm not sure what its capacity would be.  The car is
> > currently bulbed with units identified as "HB2 DOT 9003 L"  which I
> > assume are equivalent to  60/55 H4s.
> No, those would be H9007.

Just for clarification...

9004 standard looks JUST LIKE a 9007. The wiring harness is different,
though. Neither looks anything like an H4.
HB2 is the catalog number I've seen for H4-style bulbs. (note same in
your "HB2 DOT 9003 L")

My "credentials" for this:  I have one H4 euro and one 9007-equipped
DOT light on my car. Therefore, QED, I've BTDT. :-)

'87 4kq
'86 4ks