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4ks turn signal question

Hello all:

I have a question on behalf of my boss, who owns a 1986 4ks (fwd), auto.

He just came in and asked about his turn signal.  The left turn signal
blinks very slowly, but the right signal works fine.  He changed the bulbs
around (because this occurred AFTER he put in a new bulb) from right to
left with no difference.

I don't know much about 4k electrics (probably not much different from my
5ks), but I figured I should ask the knowledgable quattrolist: Any ideas on
what this might be?  I would browse the archives, but I don't have any idea
what day this was discussed over the years ;-)

Randy R.
86 5ks fwd auto (still awaiting head gasket repair)
90 Pontiac Firebird Formula 5.0
St. Paul, MN