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Future parts fiche copies...

My next project is to copy the 80/90q parts fiche and after that, the 4kq
parts fiche ... I have no plans to copy either the V8 or 5ktq fiche since
those have already been done by others.  I also have no plans to copy any of
the FWD parts fiches since I don't think the demand will warrant it ... am I
wrong about this?  (BTW, I'd like to copy the Coupe Q parts fiche but don't
have a copy ... if anyone has one they're willing to lend me, I'll give them
a paper copy of the fiche in return.)

BTW, I still have one copy of the UK VAG Ur-Q service manual and parts fiche
available ... I don't think I'm going to be making another run for a while
so if you're interested, grab this one while you can.

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