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Re: negotiation and dealerships

> Osman Parvez wrote:
> Bruce,
> >           You just typified the average jerk who comes into my dealership
> > and wastes my time.  I could turn this into a full ten page essay on the
> > various ways people insult me at work every day, but I'll pass. Just think
> > next time you treat the salesperson anything less than professionally. He
> > may be doing just what he says he is doing.

> What is the name and location of your dealership Mr. Parvez? 

> I want to be absolutely sure I do everything I can to steer any potential business
> elsewhere.

Then you would be doing them a disservice.  What I see is that Osman is
doing his best to treat the customer fairly, unlike many car

BTW, do you really think other car salespersons feel any different?
I doubt it.