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Re: windshield pitting

> Daniel Hussey <GY3WSX@VM.SC.EDU> wrote:
> > 
> >     How do you guys get the insurance companies to pay for your 
> > windshield if it is just pitted!  I can't believe that!

> "Just" pitted?  If you have comprehensive insurance, isn't it supposed 
> to pay for damages to your vehicle?  I consider pitting damage?  It 
> makes sense to me.

The policy pobably says glass breakage, not damage.  That, IMO would
exclude pitting.

Furthermore, if you live somewhere where a windshield is pitted to the
point of needing replacing in two years, the windshield has really
become a wear item...  at this point, if the insurance covers it,
you are paying the cost of the replacement plus the insurance co.
overhead in your premiums, rather than just the cost of replacement!

BTW: I don't buy the argument of 'it's cheaper to replace the
windshield rather than pay a claim because you couldn't see'.
Yeah, and they should replace your brakes too when they are worn?
It _is_ your responsibility to make sure the car is safe to drive
before driving it.