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88 5000cd TQ slow to start

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Tried to send this direct, but got the above notice.  --ml

     There have been several versions of this thread and I have asked for
input from other list members.  Apparently those who needed the help are not
on the list now, or haven't been able to find the email for forwarding.
     This is a list of things I can think of that can lead to hard starting:

Low battery
bad starter
ignition switch
cold start solenoid & injector
fuel pump
fuel pump relay
vacuum lines

     With my 5KCSTQ it was the fuel pump relay.  A secondary symptom was that
the car ran poorly for the first minute or so, then demonstrated sporatic
problems (sluggish, surging, etc.)
     Since you have a secondary symptom of a high idle, I'd suggest you check
for a vacuum line problem.