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Re: 4KQ gearing

In a message dated 98-02-19 08:05:38 EST, gpowell@acacianet.com writes:

<< 84 4KQs have ~4.11 gears, 85-87 4KQs have ~3.90 gears - big difference!
 The lower gears and lighter weight of the 84s Vs the 85-87s make the
 84s the hot setup for competition use but more noisy on the street.
 Where the 84 is at 4000 RPM the 85-87s are at about 3500 RPM at
 the same speed, about 80 MPH if I remember correctly. Many ur-q 
 Pro-Rally guys seek out and install 84 4KQs trans and diff units for
 the lower gears, top-end is not so important Vs acceleration. >>

I recall this being a thread from a year or so back. I know this is suppposed
to be the case but I can state for certain that both '85 4kq's I have owned
(one of which is now Michael's) had the lower gearing, and that the '87
"commerative build" I owned did not. I also recall the first 4kq I ever drove
was an '86 and it also had the lower gears. Like so many things Audi, it seems
that this gearing change can't be traced by model year alone...If these
drivelines are indeed so desirable by builders of rally cars then some
clarification from 4kq owners may be helpfull.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq