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Re: headrest replacement options?

> The flaw I see in this argument is that as your body sinks into the
> seat it has a much lower acceleration compressing the seat, compared
> to your head flying through the air before it hits the headrest.
> Padded foam would equalize the acceleration of your body and head.
> I'm convinced that the headrest design is an oversight/mistake.
> It may make visual sense: stylistically distinctive and minimum
> rear vision obstruction from the rear seat headrests, but in terms
> of functionality they're useless.

Huh?  as compared to one's head taking a full 90 to 120 degrees of snap
back angle (SBA = highly technical jargon) in a rear end collision? 
It's not the absolute speed your skull reaches before impacting the
restraint or the relative speed to your body over that inch or three,
it's the terrible angle and strain on the neck muscles and bone
arrangement that causes whiplash when you don't have the restraint.

end of rant in defense of Audi

Huw Powell 


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe & more coffee please...