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Re: 5k RPM's at 65mph

> I found an excellent way to do speed measurements, and it is extremely
> accurate and constant(down to .1mph or so.)  GPS.
> With a co-pilot(aka navigator) we played with a tripmate and pitted the
> Volvo wagon's speedo against the GPS unit.  At all times, they agreed
> perfectly(to the best of my reading abilities.)

I always did want a GPS

> Anyone who joins the caravan to Pike's Peak from the NE area is welcome to
> a free speedo evaluation(providing everyone has CB's.)  Might even
> volunteer to do it at Pike's Peak.  Sounds like a "real" excuse to go to
> Pike's Peak to me :)
> S.O.:Why are you going to Pike's Peak?
> A.F.:Uhhhh...to get my speedometer adjusted?

That sounds justifiable to me...doesn't it?

> Dare I suggest this is why we all think our cars handle so great at speed,
> because our speedos all read high?  Yikes!  No flames please, I wasn't that
> serious(though it makes you wonder!)

I always felt so safe at 130mph in my 5ksctq. Maybe there is something wrong

> I thought that all the manual gearboxes(excepting FWD vs. AWD) in the 5k
> were the same?  Seems to be a popular transmission; some Porsche 944's
> sport the 5k's transmission backwards, hanging over the rear wheels.  I
> assume it was not an Audi design(do I recall hearing it was outsourced to
> some company?)

I don't think that there is a great similarity between the FWD & AWD trannys. I
mean, the 5kq tranny is a really big piece. The 5 speed just looks like a VW
tranny. Not sure about the 944 trans, it's been a while since I had my hands on



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