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Re: Euro/Canada 5k bumpers

You are absolutely correct, they are not only shorter but also are less
impact resistant.  The US has (or had) I think a 5 mph impact requirement on
bumpers (couldn't be damage) and in the eighties US models you will see that
many of the German imports have much bigger bumpers than the eroupean models
(realy ugly too compared to the euro style).  I guess Yanks just can't stop
in time.


Triston Harlington wrote:

> Can anyone tell me if the Canadian and Euro 5k bumpers are actually
> shorter (as they appear in the Bently?) than the US versions!
> The pictures I have seen of older (mid80's)5k/200's have an even more
> abbreviated bumper cover that exposes the sheetmetal underneath.
> The reason I ask is I want to create a intercooler "friendly" front
> bumper cap for the 5k/200 similiar to a M3 design.
> So if anyone in the US has any of these pieces I would like to hear from
> you!
> Also If anyone has a V8 front bumper or a damaged M3 front bumper I could
> sure use them!
> Thanks, Triston Harlington - "Type44,OneLap,Challenge
>                            http://weber.u.washington.edu/~quattro