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89 200T Radio Problem

	I would like to thank everybody for the response to my previous post
regarding an 89 200T. 
	The reason I decided to learn more about the car is that recently I had
the work done for the air bag recall and after that the radio doesn't work
anymore. The problem is that I have no sound anymore. The radio is scanning
fine and receives signal but no sound.
	I brought the car back and they checked all the connections (original Bose
radio and original connections) and now they claim that something was bad
inside my radio to begin with and when they removed the radio to do the
work the radio went totally bad. They offer to exchange my radio with a
refurbished one at their cost (around $100) but I am wondering if it is
something else which I can look for.
 Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.
     Alex Scortzaru