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More 200T problems

Hi, all..
  I am in a difficult situation with Lewis Motors(the only Audi Dealer)
here in Burlington, Vermont.
  You may recall that three weeks ago I posted an e-mail regarding a
problem which I had with my Radio(no sound) after Lewis worked on the Air
Bag recall problem on my 1989 Audi 200 T. After they ordered a new radio -
they said that the radio had a bad component inside - and replaced still no
sound. They went back and after four hours of work they found out that they
broke a wire when they installed the new switch for the air bag. So this
problem is fixed now but I have other problems.
  While the car was in shop they found out that my Hydraulic pump is
loosing fluid(true finding) and they asked me if I want to replace the
Hydraulic pump and the three V-belts because they are old and may fail
soon. I said OK and the repair was around $600. One week later after this
work was done my nice 200T made an ugly grounding noise in the middle of
the road and smoke came up from under the hood. I stooped the car and
looked under the hood and smoke and a bad smell was coming from around one
of the belts which was just replaced. I towed my car back to the dealer and
they found out that the A/C Compressor went bad. My question was if was
possible that if their mechanics had tightened up too much the belt and
that may caused the problem(I mentioned that after the air bag work I
couldn't trust their mechanics) and the service manager said that something
like this is unlikely. They removed the belt which goes to the A/C
Compressor (they didn't have one in stock) and I am waiting to get one. Now
my car started to have strange electrical problems like the voltage is
going bellow 12v and three warning lights are coming on - battery, brake
and another one - and the book said the I have a problem on the
alternator/battery electrical circuit. This problem goes away if I start
the car and I press very hard on my gas pedal, and I need to do this like
two,three times. 
   So I am very confused of what is going on. Can the replacement of the
three v-belts cause this kind of problems. Do these people know what they
are doing? Personally I am afraid to bring the car back to them but if they
caused all these problems how I can get them to have some responsibilities?
I am looking at future repair costs of at least $1200 (A/C Compressor and
now maybe alternator).
  Sorry for the long message but I don't really now how to get out from
this mess.
   Alex Scortzaru