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headrest replacement options

In message <F24749086762D111964C00AA00D916000B9C68@sigma.iced.com> Charudatt writes:

> I'm still not entirely convinced that the head restraints/rests
> are exclusively whiplash protectors- if they were, why would
> they be adjustable front-rear about the axis of the lower bar?
> The adjustment is friction based and would not hold up to the
> force of the impact of a head snapping back. I can only conclude
> that they are also supposed to enhance comfort- hence the adjustability.

Nope.  That isn't 'adjustment' - the movement is there so that the top and 
bottom bars catch your head with equal force even if the restraint is slightly 
too high or too low.  These are not comfort devices.

Anyone driving with the 'cushion' type adjusted to support their neck in 
comfort on a long drive is asking for a broken neck.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club