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Re: Floormat Posts

It's for safety, so that the mats won't interfere with the pedals.
Mercedes employs a similar system to prevent them from sliding.

At 08:58 AM 2/21/98 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <34EE2EE5.1B9FFA22@iname.com> Paul Kuettel writes:
>> My innocuous post generated some interesting replies.  It actually
>> states in my '88 5KTQ owner manual that the orange posts that hold the
>> mats accept some sort of caps.  This was confirmed, finally, but it
>> seems that these are rare items, thus, I assume, easily lost or
>> destroyed.  As one with way too much German blood in my veins, I am
>> happy to learn that an asthetic trim item was indeed engineered to hide
>> the orange post which was put there because of "60 Minutes"
>Nothing to do with "60 Minutes".  The posts are present (and orange) in
>Galvin's 1980 ur-quattro.
> Phil Payne
> UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club