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Even more Quattro quirks!!!

Thanks all for all the advice on my recent ramblings.  For those who are
interested in the outcome- the brake fluid loss turned out to be the clutch
slave cylinder.  The reason why I wasn't ever seeing any brake fluid leakage
in the garage or in the car was that it was leaking out a pin hole in the
slave boot only when I was driving- using the clutch.
    Hopefully this will be the last hard-to-diagnose problem.  I shouldn't
even speak those words!  Anyway, I've been getting this strange steering
wheel shake under throttle/torque.  It just started happening recently and
it occurs at various speeds and conditions, without any consistency.
Usually above 65 mph.  Sometimes it doesn't happen at all.  When this
occurs, the dash and center console shake and I can feel it in the gas
    I had the front end checked out by a very knowledgeable Audi mechanic
and he said everything up front is tight.  So I thought- trans mounts.
Nope, was just told these are solid, no play what so ever and the engine
mounts are also good.  I even had the tires balanced just to be sure.  They
were right on.  I can't figure this one out.  Any suggestions would be
greatly appreciated.
    A note on gearing since this seems to be the hot topic of the week:  my
854ksQ runs at about 65 mph just under 3000 rpm and 80 mph at about 4000
rpm.  Just for comparison.

Thomas C.  Turse
Denver, CO
854ksQ  139,000