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5ksQ window/door trim

Does anyone know how to remove the thin black metal strips that are located
at the bottom of the window on the outside of the car?  They go from the
side mirrors back to the end of each door.  From the inside there is a small
plastic screw that seems to hold this end onto the car.  Mine are all
peeling and I want to paint them.  It would seem much easier to do if I
could get them off.  Do they just pop off or is there a method to this?  I
took the little screw out but this doesn't seem like the main thing that
keeps them in place.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Also,
has anyone ever replaced the "Audi 4000s     quattro"  badges on the rear
trunk lid?  What kind of adhesive works best.  Seems that badge glue that
they sell would be bad.  Maybe some kind of double stick tape?

Thomas C.  Turse
85 4ksQ
Denver, CO