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[Fwd: Audi Horch super sedan]

>From alt.autos.audi... anyone know if there is truth to this? Phil et
al... any mention of it "over" there?

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In Car, a British car magazine, it was reported that Volkswagen is
working on a new nameplate, to go against the Mercedes-Benz S-class and
the BMW 7-series. Volkswagen is reviving the Horch nameplate, one of the
original manufacturers that formed the Auto Union in the 1930's.

The car is supposed to have a V-12, but it didn't say whether it was a
new design. It could be two banks of 6 cylinders, or Audi's W-12, or
Volkswagen's VR12.

Horch rivalled Mercedes-Benz in the luxury car market of the '30's, but
don't count Mercedes-Benz out, they are reviving the old Maybach name.
The car is huge by German standards, but I read that it is about the
size of last year's Lincoln Town Car.

I wonder if the Horch will have the four rings on it's grille? Pre-war
Horchs have the four rings with the name Auto Union in them, and a
flying H on the radiator cap. I expect it to look unlike the current
Audis, and perhaps a less expensive version will have the Volkswagen
badge to go against the E-class and Jaguar.