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Re: 4kcsq check-out

I think I've replaced everything except the block and (most) body panels on my
86 4kq.  The cruise control is probably no biggie, if you can find the vacuum
leak.  I completely rebuilt the head, lifters and everything else, and while
slightly quieter, chances are a manifold gasket would quiet things more.  I
think they're somewhat noisy from the get-go.  A/C parts can be
expensive...try to track down the leak source B4 buying.

Lock the diffs, 1 then 2 on dry pavement  and drive *slowly* while steering
somewhat sharply (but don't go driving w/ the wheel lock-to-lock) -- you'll
know immediately if they're engaging (start by seeing if the lights come on).
You'll also see why one shouldn't make a practice of this.

Look under the hood and trunk around the strut mounts for signs of repair from
an accident....the q's are difficult to line up after a hit, and I'd say stay
away from one that's been corned pretty good.

Check all the electronic gizmos, i.e. windows, sunroof, high/low beam
indicator light, fan, etc.  While a couple of my window switches don't work,
at least they did when I bought the car a couple years ago.  

The usual applies too... look for service recors (timing belt and clutch
specifically).  If the car's got over 80k or 160k, plan on replacing at least
the belt if no records indicate otherwise.

Otherwise, I've put $$ into tune-up parts and suspension upgrades.  I paid
$4000 two years ago w/ 80k on it, and don't regret a dime.

Dave Coleman
86 4kq, 135k, pretty cool