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Shifty behavior...

The old throwout bearing's been givin' me the death rattle for the past year
or so. When I started having difficulty shifting into 1st, I figgered I was
on borrowed time. Over the last week, that problem has become acute. The
deathe rattle has retreated somewhat... Then yesterday I began having
difficulty getting it into second.
Since 2nd is synchroed, I figure there's something else going on. I've found
that with 'significant' pressure applied to the shifter (right, going left)
it will shift with no difficulty. This is enough pressure the make my palm
hurt (yeah, yeah...) and feel it in my shoulder socket.
So, any ideas? Linkage, motor mount, throwout bearing...? Trans mounts were
replaced 2 years ago.

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                                   EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
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