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Re: My thoughts

I hear what you are saying Sachelle, however quattro lovers come in many
different ages, shapes, sizes, and colors with many varing beliefs.  I
think you must consider a little more than just age.  I'm a Christian.
PLEASE KEEP READING!  I'M NOT GOING TO PREACH!  I choose not to use foul
language not as some rule or code of Cristianity but because God has done
immeasurably great things in my life through following Christ whole
heartedly.  I try not to use foul language because I don't feel that it is
pleasing to God and that is what I desire to do.  I'm not totally offended
when other people do use choice words or phrases because not everyone
shares my beliefs.  On the other hand, I would have to consider if I
wanted to continue to interact on "Quattro List" if language was 
excessive.  In The same way people give respect by not trying to censor
every word or thought someone has, others should try give the same respect
back by tring minimise highly offensive language or thoughts.  I think if
we censor everything we never get a true understanding of other people's
views and we never know who our world is. In turn, we live in a fantasy

 Carey Lyn

PS: I wouldn't mind going on vacation to Fatsy Island where I could dive
the nices fastest Audis (Avus Quattro 0-60 in 2.9 sec.)

> Sachelle Babbar decided to speak these words 
> As for offending someone and censoring anythign, i dont agree with it.  
> It seems that the youngest person on here would be 16...at the very 
> youngest...that was how old i was when i joined..but seriously, the 
> youngest of anyone on here is probable the one who swears the most.