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RE: Koni returns

"Martin Pajak" <quattro@rogerswave.ca> wrote:
> > >How are they going to prove that you had the shocks in a lowered car
> > >by looking at your reciept?
> > 
> > They look at the reg and if it says honda/chebby - bingo!
> I was talking about the same kind of car just different VIN.
> Like I transfered the Eibach/Boge struts from my '84 to my '86 4kq.
> Does that mean I lost the warranty?

I also have a comment for discussion.  I have some strut housings that 
have been modified to accept Scirocco struts for my C-GT.  Basically 
the same diameter, only these have a shorter body length and shorter 
overall length.  This allows me to lower the car quite a bit, and the 
struts would not be outrageously outside their normal "centered" range 
of motion.  knowhatimean?  This prevents the strut from bottoming out 
internally (bang! bang!) when compressed to the limits of the suspension 
travel.  (my friend's Coupe GT would actually touch the body on the 
ground before anything would bottom out, without rubber bump stops. 
bottom limit could be set by bump stops if desired)

(all I did was cut the strut housings down and move the threads lower,
 for those wondering)  (I know it's a no-no...)

Since these struts I have are for a Scirocco but are actually installed 
in a Coupe GT, it's likely that they won't honor the warranty if I 
tried to get them replaced, if they knew.

What's my comment?  I don't know!

I have had them replaced before tho', they are (no laughing please), 
Gabriels (from Pep Boys!).  I didn't need (or have anymore) a receipt.

They actually weren't very bad, but I was swapping them (the strut 
housings) from car to car, and wanted fresh ones.

I didn't have nay problems with the exchange.  They're all rebuilt 
anyway (in Brazil).

A friend of mine has a set of Tokico non-adjustables in his car, anyone 
have any experience with warranty's with them?  They are supposedly 
lifetime, but I have heard that a long time ago, Tokico had problems 
with the chrome peeling of the shafts, and then blamed the customer for 
"using vice-grips" on the shaft and causing it to peel.  Are they still 
doing this to customers?

How about SPAX?  Duane H. is runnning adjustable SPAX' on the front of 
his 4kcstq.  I like 'em!  I want some!  Any other experience with them?
He chose them over (he said, she said) Koni adjustable's because the 
Koni's are hydraulic instead of gas.  The SPAX' are apparently gas.