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Re: Koni returns


Because you aren't the original owner that you are getting screwed?   That
IS stupid.

  So OK do you know the guy you got it from well enough to get him to
return them?  Never mind, that would need our registration.

Well, will they repair them for less than replacement?  Will they give you
a super killer discount on replacements?  Or are they doing nothing at all?

The catalog does have in not so fine print, right up front actually that
the warranty is a limited warranty for the original owner etc.  AND for
normal use as intended.  So I'd guess also that racing on street shocks
voids it as well.


BTW, get Bilsteins from RD or whoever and I bet you have no warranty at all
as they are not an offical US import item.  Like a "grey market" camera you
have no recourse throught the US importer. Maybe RD would do something.