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Fwd: More 200T problems

On Feb 25th The thread read as follows:
>>Hi, all..
>>  I am in a difficult situation with Lewis Motors(the only Audi Dealer)
>>here in Burlington, Vermont.
>>  You may recall that three weeks ago I posted an e-mail regarding a
>>problem which I had with my Radio(no sound) after Lewis worked on the Air
>>Bag recall problem on my 1989 Audi 200 T. After they ordered a new radio -
>>they said that the radio had a bad component inside - and replaced still no
>>sound. They went back and after four hours of work they found out that they
>>broke a wire when they installed the new switch for the air bag. So this
>>problem is fixed now but I have other problems.
>This is not exactly high quality work from this dealer, but since they
>fixed it (presumably on their nickel), lets call it one free hit.
>>  While the car was in shop they found out that my Hydraulic pump is
>>loosing fluid(true finding) and they asked me if I want to replace the
>>Hydraulic pump and the three V-belts because they are old and may fail
>>soon. I said OK and the repair was around $600.
>Rather pricey! (Heck, I'm old and may fail, too - everything works fine, so
>are we going to replace me, too?)
> One week later after this
>>work was done my nice 200T made an ugly grounding noise in the middle of
>>the road and smoke came up from under the hood. I stooped the car and
>>looked under the hood and smoke and a bad smell was coming from around one
>>of the belts which was just replaced. I towed my car back to the dealer and
>>they found out that the A/C Compressor went bad. My question was if was
>>possible that if their mechanics had tightened up too much the belt and
>>that may caused the problem(I mentioned that after the air bag work I
>>couldn't trust their mechanics) and the service manager said that something
>>like this is unlikely.
>In fact, that is VERY likely. Too much of a coincidence.
> They removed the belt which goes to the A/C
>>Compressor (they didn't have one in stock)
>Why not? They ARE the dealer, aren't they? 
> and I am waiting to get one. Now
>>my car started to have strange electrical problems like the voltage is
>>going bellow 12v and three warning lights are coming on - battery, brake
>>and another one - and the book said the I have a problem on the
>>alternator/battery electrical circuit. This problem goes away if I start
>>the car and I press very hard on my gas pedal, and I need to do this like
>>two,three times. 
>>   So I am very confused of what is going on. Can the replacement of the
>>three v-belts cause this kind of problems.
> Do these people know what they
>>are doing?
> Personally I am afraid to bring the car back to them 

>but if they
>>caused all these problems how I can get them to have some responsibilities?
>>I am looking at future repair costs of at least $1200 (A/C Compressor and
>>now maybe alternator).
>>  Sorry for the long message but I don't really now how to get out from
>>this mess.
>>   Alex Scortzaru
>Alex, the VERY FIRST thing to do is find an independent Audi mechanic. This
>"dealer" sounds like an utter nincompoop. Audis are complex cars, but they
>are not rocket science - they CAN be fixed by mere mortals. Properly, too.
>Get away from the "list price only" dealer network! Aftermarket parts,
>often identical to the "official" parts sometimes cost only 1/3 as much. In
>1968, I ran the warranty dept for the east coast importer (Hoffman Motors)
>of the -other- german sport sedan. The smog pump cost $161 from them, but
>you could buy the *identical* part from the Chebby dealer for $32. Must be
>the round trip to the Fatherland and the pretty blue box that made the
>difference. Dang thing even said "GM" on it.
>Alternator bearings will set you back maybe $10. Not hard to replace. A/C
>compressors available aftermarket EVERYWHERE - they're GM!!! Check the
>vendors list here.
>Stay on this user group and you'll get to keep and enjoy your car.
>Economically, too. Go to the dealer, pay dealer prices, and you'll soon
>wind up in a Yugo.
>Hang in there!
>Mike Arman


I have read many excellent posts from Dave at DFAutohaus.  I don't know him
nor am I affiliated with him in any way, but just judging from some of his
posts, he is in the repair Audi business in Burlington VT.  It seems to me
he knows his way around the car.  I would E-Mail him at "DF
AUTOHAUS@AOL.com" and see what he says.  I have taken the liberty of
forwarding the entire thread I've seen to him as well.