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Porsche/Audi SUV? (was: S8+ tWIN tURBO)

> >From one of UK magazines, I hear the Allroad show car is just that -- a
> show car. There's no plan to make it into a production car. The rumor is
> VW (or Audi) wants a partner for its upcoming platform which will become
> the SUV/minivan. The story is they're hoping Porsche will be sharing the
> platform with 'em (and, of course, the developement cost). But who knows?
> If anything is approved, a minivan or SUV based on that platform will
> come out in 2001 (earliest possible date) -- or so the rumor went...

There's an interesting connection here and one I've been thinking
about.  It almost makes too much sense.  Porsche Cars North America
(PCNA) is moving next week from Reno to Atlanta.  They gave many reasons
for the move including the future option of a nearby production
facility.  BMW, M-B, and many German parts suppliers are already located
in the Southeast.  Both VW and Audi are rumored to be looking at the
region as well.  I bet it's going to happen.  I even wonder if a joint
production facility would be feasible.

On the SUV front, it is widely known that Porsche wants to build one
with a partner.  PCNA specifically said they needed a partner to share
development costs and would want to build it here.  It's clear the new
(non-Detroit) SUV trend is towards more car-like vehicles.  The Allroad
is perhaps the best concept to date, at least judging by its very
positive reception at the Detroit show.  I'm sure Porsche would love to
get their hands on it.  Again, I bet it's going to happen.

And yes, I have sent my resume to PCNA...


Kennon Hines
1990 Coupe Quattro
Atlanta, GA