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What is wrong with my quattro system? (Audi 5KQ)

David said,
>I have noticed a great deal of difference between my former 87 4000q 
and my 88 5000q.  The 4000 handled and tracked excellent, but, this 
certainly isn't the case with my 5000.  When the roads are slippery 
there is ALWAYS a tendancy for the back end to want to break loose. 

Same thing happened when I went from the UrQ/4000Q to a 5000Q.  I 
couln't believe it was a Quattro.  Remedy, tires!  I had some nice 
summer tires on the car, went with an all season and voila!

>Also, if I lock my center diff the car will understeer severely.  The 
only way the differential will unlock is if I stop the car for about 5 
seconds and then drive forward.  

5000Qs' understeer badly, gotta work with it.  Your diffs don't sound 
unusual, check for vacuum leaks.  My UrQ likes 5 feet of reverse to 
unlock, while the 5000 does it on the fly.


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