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Re: Lack of Boost, '88 5ktq

> My impression is that 1.2 is not unreasonable for a stock turbo unchiped.
> That  is all I'm getting right now on my 5ktqw.  In warmer weather I get
> 1.3.  Very rarely do I see 1.4, but again only in warm weather.  I have had
> the car 4 years, and the previous owner confirmed those readings was all he
> ever saw.

I have a 200t (not sure how much different the turbo setup is from the
5kt). I also never used to see more than 1.2 or even 1.1 until I
found out that my intercooler to throttle body hose had a 1 inch
split in it. After sealing it I got all the stock WG spring assisted
boost of 1.4 bar back and managed to get up to the 1.6 easily with
the WGFV giving proper assistance. Now ofcourse I have managed to
discover that my WGFV remains fully open, so my boost will wind up
at 1.8 bar on even the sunniest of days! Eek! My car is a '89 200
10V I5 MC-engined machine, BTW.

I'm no genius with this stuff, but I'd check to see if the WG slides
properly, whether the FV (if the 5K has one) is operating correctly,
whether the inlet temperature sensor is working correctly, and whether
the IC-TB hose is complete (but I think the originator of this thread
already checked). Has pulling codes revealed anything?

Interesting question for the rest of the listers would be:

	what were the stock boost settings on the 5kt/200t cars for
	the various model years?

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