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Re: control arm bushings


I brought my control arms to a shop that I new in the area.  He
did not have the special tool so he made one.  He also accidently
bent one of the flanges around the bushing a little bit.  Didn't
affect the performance of the control arm.  He charged me $80.  At
that time the "special" tool was $72 from Zelenda.  I would NOT cut
off any of the bushing.  You might try compressing the bushing with
a small piston ring compressor and some hose clamps after greasing it.
Then push it in with a big clamp or a bench vise and a socket.  I
tried this but I could not get the whole thing to stay together.  The
piston ring compressor I used was too large or too cheap or both.

Good luck.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe