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Re: Correct hydraulic oil

The oil is the same and compatible with Pentosin. The hose that was
replace, was it the one with the restrictor? If the new one didn't have it
that may be your problem. Another thing, was the system cleaned bfore the
new hose was put on? There may have been debris in the line. Just some

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On Thu, 26 Feb 1998, Jim/Susan Williams wrote:

> I just replaced the high pressure hydraulic line on my 86 5000cst and
> filled the reservoir with Bilstein 2615 ZH-M oil.  I have always used
> Pentosin 7.1 in the past but the parts house/repair shop was out of
> Pentosin and said this was the same thing.
> Now I hear a low pitched growling noise when driving.  I thought it
> might be the hydraulic pump complaining about the wrong type oil.
> The noise was not there until I changed the hydraulic line and replaced
> the oil.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Jim