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Re: Stupid question

Flathead screwdriver fits in a liitle slot around the edge of the cap. Pops
right off.


Mike Stump wrote:

> How the heck do you remove those plastick covers on the centers of the
> BBS look-alike wheels on my 80q?  Pry them off?  Twist them off with a
> wrench?  I have no owners manual (if you'd like to correct this, let me
> know) so I'm simply guessing as to what the proper procedure is and
> since I'd like to aviod wrecking them, I figured I'd turn to the
> experts.
> Also, Someone in the midst of this whole Koni thread mentioned that
> shocks aren't designed to work with lowering springs (in other words
> it'll dettrimental to their lifespan).  What ricks am I running with
> stock shocks?  What shocks are out there that will work for my car (H&R
> lowering springs w/ 1.25" drop are on the way)?
> Mike Stump
> 89 80q