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Question about stiffer/shorter springs for 5k/200...


I can't afford to install "pricey" (well, pricey in this country
anyway) sport springs on my 200t (1990) and I was wondering if I
could get information on how much the stock springs differ from the
Eibach or H&R or other sport spring kits qlisters have been using.

My thoughts are as follows: I want to approach the local spring
works (there are a few here in Cape Town) and hand them a set of
stock springs and have them lower and stiffen them and fit those
onto the car when I install my future Gabriel gas shocks (cost cutter
shocks but handling improvement no doubt!).

The questions go along this line: what difference is there between
the stock spring and the sport spring kits that lower the car by 30mm?
How can I specify to the spring works to take the stock spring and
retension/recoil them to give the same characteristics as the sport
springs? How does one describe the spring parameters? Are the Eibach
or other springs made of a very different material compared to the
stock springs? Basically, I'd like to hear from someone who does work
on spring systems and has to specify difference between springs when
having them made up by spring works.

The reason I'm not installing named brands is because of money. As
some might know I need to service my gearbox and handle a stuck WGFV
condition and to top it all off my exhaust system has decided to blow
a crack in itself about 2 inches from one of the centre mounting points.
Car sounds like a mess and if enough gas is given on pulling away it
will actually make the exhaust system flex enough to hit the body,
giving such a sound that at first made me think my CV joints were
packing in as a result of some faults my gearbox has been giving. Since
I also need to replace shocks and will be getting them directly from
the distributor (a saving of between 50% and 150%!!!), I thought I might
as well do the cost effective thing and have my springs "refabricated"
if possible, but I need all the details before doing so.

Is there perhaps somewhere where I can go to on the net that will
describe spring systems?


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