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Torque Sensing Differentials - math corrections, conclusions stay

In message <b83a7e8.34f9b815@aol.com> QSHIPQ writes:

> Whew, not as bad as I thought.  My apologies for the addition errors.  The
> conclusions, thankfully, stay the same.

Excuse me if I think the "conclusions" belong in the cold fusion file.

All I see is 13KB of text written by someone who's never driven a TORSEN ur-
quattro telling me that my car is potentially lethal.

I, OTOH, merely have 84000 miles of experience in an ur-quattro with a 
TORSEN centre differential and haven't the faintest idea what you're all on 

Face it, guys - some or all of your assumptions are wrong.  I don't know which, 
and I don't have the time to dig through and find out.  But there are several 
people here with TORSEN ur-quattro experience and NONE of us have experienced 
anything like what you're discussing.  It flat doesn't happen.
Really.  At all speeds, in all weathers, on sudden diesel slicks, power on, 
power off, braking, sliding.  Believe me, I push the car _often_ and I have 
_never_ been caught out by it doing anything unexpected.  

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club