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Re: large hose clamps

Pleasure to have been of help to you. If there are any more troubles,
email me. I have a lot of btdt's and would have no problem giving advice,
if I can.

*Steve                                       Sachelle Babbar
*'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar                    <SBABBAR@IRIS.NYIT.EDU>
*Cockpit adjustable wastegate, AudiSport badge
*Disclaimer:"Any information contained herein is based purely on my own
*personal experience and may not necessarily reflect yours. Use caution as
*your results may vary from mine."

On Sat, 28 Feb 1998, LOACESQ wrote:

> To follow up on the earlier thread on large hose clamps for the IC or other
> applications, you can connect separate hose clamps in a series to create a
> jumbo clamp.  You can further tailor the general shape of the jumbo clamp by
> composing it using a mix of clamps of various sizes/radii, as appropriate.
> On the topic of rigging fixes, I'd like to thank Steve Babbar for his
> excellent ideas in general, and in particular for the substitute IC to IM
> accordion hose.  His trick of  inserting a smaller diameter hose as an adapter
> is also useful for many other tapered hose applications.  I just replaced the
> rotted and split breather hose running from the valve cover to the block in my
> 87 5kcst with some inexpensive generic hose, thanks to Steve's idea.  The
> adapter is holding tight vacuum, and the car is showing 4444.  : )
> adam