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Re: 240hp Abt A4

I would never use a cone air filter conversion. The reason is is that
first, I have a crude ram air setup through one of my front headlights.
Second, you want to pull in cool air, not hot. I had a chart from European
Car that gave approx. power losses due to temperature. Anyone who may feel
hp increases, may actually be feeling more instant power due to a
shortened intake due to a more immediate supply of air. At top end, more
power will be lost. In my car, if I put in a cone filter, I would expect
nothing less than a 15% decrease in power because of the turbo and exhaust
manifold's close proximity to the air filter area. BTW: I did say the word

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On Sun, 1 Mar 1998, Jouko Haapanen wrote:

> I've had a week and a half of getting to know my reborn 1.8T with the Abt
> 240hp conversion.  This includes a KKK Abt-exclusive turbo (specs unknown to
> me at this time), a second (rather large) intercooler in front of rad, new
> injectors, a modified ECU, and partial exhaust replacement.
> The difference is noticeable.  ;^)
> The car pulls much like my Carrera once you hit 3000rpm, and does so with
> determination until cut-off around 6800 rpm.  The gas mileage may vary with
> respect to usage of right foot.  I have not done any standing start, smoking
> clutch take-offs for I have too much respect for the driveline.
> Once the winter/spring slipperies go away, I'll have a chance to put some
> times to the accel figures and test for top speed.  I'll leave my fate to
> the Valentine gods on the latter issue, as the trip to Germany will not
> happen until June/July at the earliest, and at that time, I might still give
> the Carrera the nudge for mode of transportation...
> I am impressed with the Abt exhaust, it is not much louder than the stock
> unit, only a little more dB and the visibly large dual tips give away what
> is going on.  The workmanship of the IC is beautiful, and the unit is
> definitely made to fit in the nose of the car.  It effectively replaces the
> cross-member pipe going right-to-left at the nose of the car.  For best
> results, I should cut a hole where the front plate now sits and remove the
> bumper frame underneath, as approx. 1/2 of the IC is behind the bumper.  A
> good idea, but I haven't yet figured out where to get a factory-look grille
> for such an opening.  The other issue would be the placement of the legally
> required front tag.
> I don't want to restart the thread on airbox mods, but does anyone have any
> experiences with the TAP cone filter setup or a similar one by someone else?
> Such systems are not sold here in Europe due to stringent drive-by noise
> regs.  The idea of a less restrictive airbox/filter setup with a good supply
> of fresh ambient temp air does interest me.
> Jouko Haapanen
> Pori, Finland
> 97 A4 1.8T 240hp-1450kg
> 89 Carrera 3.2 Coupe 231hp-1340kg
> decisions, decisions...