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Re: SUCCESS with the crankshaft pulley!!

Which hole in the bell housing? Can you give me ins and outs of the

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On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Max wrote:

> Just spent three hours replacing the belt.  Most of the reply's I got on
> my question " How to remove crankshaft pulley without special tool?" had
> to do with bolting the flywheel through a hole on the side of the bell.
> However as my car is an automatic there was no hole in the flywheel to
> put a bolt into.  Instead I was able to but a crowbar through one of the
> openings on the bell and jam it against one of the torque plate mounts
> without ruining it, thus jamming the crank shaft.  The rest was easy.
> The car runs a little better, but I still have to take a look at the
> valve shims and the injectors to get it to run smoothly.
> MAX. :-))