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Re: fluctuation idle

O2 sensor or dirty/bad isv are usually the culprits. I believe, the v8
being a motronic car had 2 o2 sensors. Sometimes the trottle body is the
culprit. What'll happen is is that crud will build up around the plate. It
won't close properly. It will draw in 2x amount of air. Meanwhile the tps
is saying that the throttle is completely closed and the engine should be
drawing only x amt. of air. The computer tries to do what it can to
stabilise the idle, but it really can't. It goes between the actual draw
and the theoretical. I would explore all these possibilties, including the
usual tune up and other stuff.

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On Mon, 2 Mar 1998, Peter Sward USG wrote:

> I belive my idle is fluctuating. Question is this normal on a V8Q? It isn't
> that much but it isn't rock steady either. Anything to check?
> /Peter