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dual filters

>Hey Daniel.
>You know I went through this thing looking for the second oil filter which is
>apparently for the turbo unit, I have a'87 5kcst, and couldn't figure it out
>it had me worried I might be ruining the car.  Then one day I was looking
under a
>'85 5kcst and there it was, right next to the other filter.  On my car that
>is plugged.  Because of some lines going to the turbo unit there is no longer
>room for the filter.
Dual filters were used on all turbo cars thru 1985 (some 86 cars so noted).
The introduction of the water cooled turbo bearing in 1985 eliminated the need
for the second filter.  1985 used BOTH the dual filters and the WC center
bearing.  1986> did not use the second filter.  The oil lines from the early
cars, btw, don't fit the later cars.  The turbo mounting flange was modified
on the later cars to make room for the water feed and return lines.