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Torsen vs gen 1 center diff.

Hi, all.

I have been watching the center diff. discussion with great interest.

Everybody seemes to agree that a torsen does distribute power/torque to the
axle with the best "bite".
Everybody seemes to agree that a gen1 locked center diff does NOT change
power/torque distribution .

It seemes to me that the real issue is unexpected dynamic change in weight
distribution,(Virtual center of weight ? ) as mentioned in one of the
earlier posts.

Why would a racing car be built with a lot of effort going into the right
weight-distribution ?
And when that is done, the car has to be set up correctly wich (among other
things ) is balance.

A (race-) car with changing balance is very difficult to handle, and
therefore it is desirable to have a car where the "virtual center of weight"
isn't changing.

When a torsen is changing the torque distribution ratio this WILL change the
balance of the car.
If this is done while cornering the car WILL change its behaviour.
Everybody should be able to agree with that.

As the torsen does not sleep, it monitors traction all the time .
When conditions are at the limit, i argue that it IS POSSIBLE that the
torsen can change the balance of the car so fast that you can not correct
this behavior, and if it starts "hunting grip" front/rear (wich it is
designed for) i think you'll have to be *very* quick.  "The bite", as i
understand it.

Why will that never happen ?