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Re: accident info

AudiJeep <AudiJeep@aol.com> writes:

>I called the police when I arrived home that evening, but the police in the
>municipality where the incident took place have a policy that if no one is
>injured, or the car does not need to be towed, you are not to call the police
>when an accident occurs.

You've got two choices here. Either pay for the thing out of your own
pocket and sue the guy in small claims court or put an accident on your
record. Your insurance rates *may* go up.

With regard to the accident report. You're entitled to an accident report
if you want one... How do you know that they're going to find after they
start work? Assume the damage was *not* minor...Also, if you're going to
file a claim with your insurance company, they'll probably want to see an
accident report. Then they'll go after the jerk. But for $150 this probably
isn't worth it.

If I were you, I'd have my lawyer send a nice letter via certified mail to
the jerk, with a picture of the original damage and a bill for the work,
including his time. Let them know that you will follow proper channels and
it will continue to get more expensive the longer they wait. This should
shock them into action. Make sure that you also leave yourself open to
increasing the amount if further damage is found in the future...

Also, keep any old parts that may have damage evidence. Don't let the shop
discard it...