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>Seems simple to me.  
Ok, so what you are saying is that you always should play below 7/10ths.
Fine, that means you need to know the following,  the road cf, the maximum
chassis angle for a given throttle input for the torsen slip angle, tire
pressure, chassis weight, etc. ad infinitum.  Why?  Cuz any of these variables
change your "definition" of 7/10ths.  911, hey, lift throttle in a turn, you
spin.  That's simple, lift throttle oversteer.  We are talking about
understeer, oversteer, understeer, all in the same turn, with your foot
planted firmly on go.  I find some apples to oranges here.

No one needs to hang their q-unit in front of this driver as to what is q-
fast.  By the very posts here, I can see that I'm one of the few that finds
that bite often.  Ok, this bird says, it ain't so simple, they are creepy
spiders.  So expliained.  They don't simply say lift you get whacked.  If the
character was that simple, Jeff and I would have offered up the way to control
it a long time ago.  It's a variable, that potentially can wipe those that
play all the time.  Consistently find "the" answer?  Exactly my point Bruce,
I've been bitten, hard, inconsistently.  Many times, too many variables
affecting a conclusion.  Not to mention, when it's happening, the last thing
you are thinking about are those plethora of variables.

Denying physics.  Not a long term solution.  Understanding them isn't always
as simple as don't go there.