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RE: Alta Vista

> > You can't turn this off. This is how AltaVista makes their money, and
> > reason it's free. I have heard there is software (somewhere) that blocks
> > _all_ banner ads. Not sure who makes it or even if it's available yet.
> You misunderstood.  Volvo adverts are directly _SPECIFICALLY_ at people
> searching for Audi quattro information.  Stay online for an hour and
> you won't
> see a Volvo advert.  Do _ONE_ search on 'audi quattro' and you'll see
> else.

Oh, I know! Target advertising happens all the time while I'm searching. I
can't think of any other cases right now, but I've seen it a lot. This Volvo
thing I haven't seen, and I find pretty clever on the part of Volvo, as much
as I don't really want to see them.

This is part of how AltaVista attracts advertisers. They allow the ads to
come up when certain topics are searched for, instead of just randomly
appearing. I think others are starting to do the same thing.